Yahboom Gamepad Joystick Breakout Board for BBC Micro:bit

Yahboom Gamepad Joystick Breakout Board for BBC Micro:bit

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Yahboom Gamepad is an expansion board based on micro:bit. It has four programmable RGB lights, a rocker, four control buttons, buzzer and multiple sensor interfaces. At the same time, it is also a game controller. The upper and lower boards can protect the expansion board. There are dozens of single-player gameplay, and single-player experience can also be fun with micro:bit. Multiple handles can interact with each other. Even more interesting is the micro:bit handle for easy control of all types of micro:bit cars. We offer abundant courses to help you to achieve all the fun games. Come on and join us.


  • Two options about gamepad and gamepad kit for your choice.
  • All sample game in one gamepad kit for micro:bit.
  • More than 26 kinds of experiment courses are provided.
  • A single player or dual combat with dozen of play method.
  • Expand the output of 4 channel servo, stepping motor, fan, RGB searchlight.
  • Expand the input of ultrasonic and potentiometer.
  • Environmental and durable design with wood and PCB materials.
  • All micro:bit cars from Yahboom can be controlled.


    Programming language: Makecode graphical programming / Python / JavaScript

    Expansion output: 4 channel servo, stepping motor, fan, RGB searchlight

    Expansion input: ultrasonic, potentiometer

    Board output: RGB light, passive buzzer, vibrating motor

    Board input: Joystick, 4 separate buttons, photoresistance

    Power: 4.2 V    

    Handle material: PCB+ wooden board

    Package list



    Handle PCB module*1

    Wooden board*2

    Lithium battery*1

    3D printing buckle*6


    Magic sticker*1

    Micro USB cable*1



    Sensor pack

    Rotational potentiometer module*1

    Ultrasonic module*1

    RGB searchlight*1

    Fan and motor*1

    Stepping motor*1

    Brick pack*1

    4 pin cable*1

    Servo package*1



    Yahboom Gamepad

    Customer Reviews

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    Awesome coding opportunity for student learners!

    I used this with 4th graders at school who were learning to code. They worked through the tutorials and were able to create video games. They were so excited when everything worked. It’s amazing what these kids can do! This was such a great project! I plan to use it again with more students next year!