Yahboom expansion board 2.0 for Arduino balance robot

Yahboom expansion board 2.0 for Arduino balance robot

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This is an expansion board suitable for two-wheel self-balancing robot car. The overall layout is reasonable, and the screw-copper holes are designed in all four corners. The Uno control board can be installed on the back, and the front side supports the various modules required to build a balance car, such as ultrasonic module, 520 motor, Bluetooth module, gyroscope, motor drive module, etc. In addition, we also designed a battery anti-reverse protection circuit, low voltage protection circuit, charging anti-backflow protection and voltage real-time detection circuit on this expansion board. At the same time, we will provide remote control APP and control program for the balance car.


  • Reasonable layout, compatible with screw and copper column of M3 model.
  • Compatible with Arduino Uno R3
  • Onboard resources are abundant, and it is the inevitable choice of balance car.
  • It has battery anti-reverse protection circuit, low voltage protection circuit and charging anti-backflow protection circuit, which greatly enhances the service life of the expansion board.


Size: 96mm*76mm

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Expansion board*1


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The one

new version YAHBOOM BST-ABC VER2.0

Thanks for the contact, I have not received the material yet, they are still in release by customs in my country (Brazil).
As soon as I receive it I will do the assembly and let you know.

You can send me the Arduino file and the aia file (App), which you are using in this last version of the control.

thank you

We don't have the file with .aia format. Did you want to get the control program source code for the Banance car? This is the URL : https://www.yahboom.net/study/bc-uno You can download the code directly.