Yahboom building:bit block kit based on micro:bit

Yahboom building:bit block kit based on micro:bit

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This programmable building block kit includes micro:bit board, micro:bit expansion board, battery, motor, and other electronic components, and more than 260 building blocks. We also provide a building block assembly manual that provides the steps to assemble into 9 different building blocks.

The biggest difference with this kit is that we combine electronic components with building blocks, and users can control them with micro:bit programming, such as infrared remote control, obstacle avoidance, tracking, colorful lights and other functions. In addition, our building blocks are also compatible with LEGO, if you are interested in building blocks and want to learn programming, this building block will be a good choice.


  • Based on BBC micro:bit

Power your imagination with code.

  • Nine basic models

Building:bit building blocks kit provides 9 basic models. With a wealth of circuit components, it can achieve maany creative plays, such as remote control tracked vehicles, magic lights robots, robotic arm towers and so on.

  • Rich your imagination with technology.

Building blocks and electronic modules are used to form a smart robot car, which can be programmed to avoid obstacles and track automatically.

  • The combination of building blocks and electronic modules

The Building:bit building block kit includes a micro:bit development board, micro:bit professional expansion board, motor, battery, and other accessories. With more than 260 building blocks, it can form more shapes and be controlled by programming circuits.

  • Compatible with Lego building block

Building:bit programming building block kit can be expanded to other models with Lego building block. Children can complete their own works with a rich imagination.

  • MakeCode graphical programming

Building:bit programming building block kit design is based on BBC micro:bit. The micro:bit development board has a variety of programming methods, supporting the online graphical programming of MakeCode Editor and Python programming. You can realize your program creativity on computer or mobile app.

  • Attached paper printing project manual

Building:bit programming building block kit comes with a project manual. The manual is informative and includes 10 major courses. Each course is taught from assembly to graphical programming, step by step to guide the child to complete the construction and programming.


Package list

Micro:bit board *1(Option)

Micro:bit expansion board *1

Motor Module*1

Project Manual*1


Rubber band*5

Infrared remote controller *1

Micro USB cable*1

Touring track *1

1x3 hole building block *4

1x7 hole building block *4

1x9 hole building block *5

1x11 hole building block *5

1x13 hole building block *4

1x15 hole building block *6

1x8 Cross Axle building block *3

1x4 Cross Axle building block *3

1x12 Cross Axle building block *7

1x4 Shaft cutoff building block *9

8 toothed-wheel building block *5

24 toothed-wheel building block *3

40 toothed-wheel building block *7

1x3 Bolt connector building block *11

2# Bolt connector building block *7

3x3 Bolt connector building block *7

1/2 Bushing building block *5

1x1 Bushing building block *15

1x2 Smooth pin building block *7

1x2 Frictional pin building block *68

1x2 Shaft and bolt connector building block *9

1x3 Shaft building block *12

5x7 beam frame building block *5

5x11 beam frame building block *2

Plastic crawler piece *68

Crawler wheel *6

43*22mm car wheel *4

Rubber ring+24 pulley *4

Spiral wheel *1

1x2 Shaft connector building block *3

Building block remover *1

Lifting hook *1



Building:bit starter kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
a set worth recommending to everyone

It doesn't matter if you know anything about electronics,
It doesn't matter if you have the programming skills.
With this set you will be introduced nicely and without stress into the world of creating complex electronic systems. With the micro:bit controller from the MCU ARM Cortex-M0, you can bring your designs to life.
You don't need to know its architecture, the concept of compilation may be alien to you.
It will be nice, easy and pleasant.
My son (14 years old), being a novice in this topic, created the first "functional code" in a minute. The functionality was small, but it worked well.
I recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know the great world of electronic programming and mechanism control.

Awesome toy

As a teacher, I always wanted to bring programming to children of younger age. This building block kit is for younger students to get started with code, I recommend family time for children and parents between 6 and 12 years old.

Entertaining features, easy to use

My grandson likes this package, the outer packaging is very good, I feel a bit messy inside, but it does not affect my grandson's love for it, micro:bit is our own preparation, I also ordered another handle remote control. More comfortable than the infrared remote control when using the remote control

Great STEM toys for LEGO enthusiast Kids

The car is easy to assemble. For children over 10 years with some Lego experience that is easy to do. When programming you have to help something. I myself have some programming experience and I previously had a beginner kit hellobot yahboom. That helped and I can understand the sketches and also change and expand according to my ideas. For bloody beginners, the fun is not so easy in total.

Fun and educational

* Feels flimsy, but is actually fairly strong.
* Software is fun to play with and a great introduction into coding.
* Great for education.
* Cute and charismatic, building block has his own personality.
* Regular software updates and additions.
* Technically genius.
* You don't need to buy your kids building blocks now.