Yahboom RTR self balance smart robot car for Arduino

Yahboom RTR self balance smart robot car for Arduino

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Self Balance robot is a stable, rugged and durable two-wheel balance vehicle. We optimized the balancer algorithm, and the excellent software algorithm makes Arduino UNO as the core controller of the balance car. The car is a three-layer structure with a load capacity of more than 2KG. We adopt simple and clear modular design, which is suitable for balance car beginners. Arduino UNO board can be taken down easily for secondary development. You can control the car by Android mobile App remote controller connecting with Bluetooth module on the vehicle. This is a multi-functional, autonomous balanced two-wheel vehicle for all types of competitions and research projects.


  • RTR robot with directly charge system, you can play with it any time.
  • This robot adopts antiskid tires, aluminum alloy chassis, high-power motors, and high-precision AB incremental hall encoder.
  • The high-quality integrated circuit board is used as the core board of the car, and some direct plug interfaces for insertion of modules are designed on the core board.
  • It can be controlled by Bluetooth App remote controller by Android mobile. The APP supports multiple functions: changing control method at any time, such as buttons, gravity, and rocker; viewing and debugging the current PID parameters of the vehicle directly; displaying the waveform of acceleration, gyroscope, and voltage simultaneously.
  • The open source code is PID Angle fusion and balance algorithm. After our debugging carefully, we ensure that every vehicle can be used normally.
  • The vehicle can control the switch of the balance system automatically by posture recognition.


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Yahboom Arduino Balance Robot


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Customer Reviews

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Car supports APP remote control, but it is easy to make mistakes when connecting Bluetooth

I bought this two-wheeled balance scooter for my son. After receiving the package, we simply installed the battery and it can maintain the balance scooter normally. But when we connect to the Bluetooth APP, I cannot confirm which physical address it is. Remember that the technical support told me that I need to delete other devices that have been paired on the phone. After I did that, my problem was solved.

The only thing that frustrates me is that the PID algorithm in the program is too complicated for me to understand...

The performance is very stable, suitable for Arduino fans and programming car enthusiasts

--- When the package was received, the car was assembled and equipped with three 18650 batteries. I only need to install the batteries and turn on the power switch to use it.
--- In the case of carrying a bottle of water, the trolley can also maintain a good balance
---- APP interface can see the real-time changes of PID data.

Yahboom Balance car

Although I encountered some problems during the use, I solved these problems with the help of technical support, and everything is OK now.

I am experiencing the joy of APP remote control.

Chris George
I really like this car, so I want to share my purchase and use experience.

When I received the package for the first time, I found that the pin of the bluetooth module was broken. Yahboom sent me a new bluetooth module. After several days of waiting, I can finally use my balance car normally. , I placed two books on it, and it can also maintain balance.
I will try more Yahboom cars in th future.

Cost-effective balance car

I compared many stores before buying, and finally chose to buy Yahboom balance car. Facts have proved that my choice is correct.

I received the goods on last week and started using it yesterday.

I have the following points to share with friends who are planning to buy a balance scooter.

1. The packaging of this balance scooter is very firm, and there is no damage during transportation.

2. APP remote control is very choice, can display the current PID waveform. When the remote control car is very sensitive and stable.

3. The technical support service is very good, it is the most complete after-sales service I have ever encountered.