Yahboom 1602 LCD screen

Yahboom 1602 LCD screen

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This 1602 LCD screen with the blue screen and white display. It comes with backlight and word stock, and the contrast can be adjusted. It can display up to 16*2 characters, which can display letters, numbers and characters. It is suitable for core controllers such as 51 MCU and Arduino. If you have enough creativity and ideas, you can use it with other modules to complete experiments such as perpetual calendars, thermometers, billboards, etc.


Descriptions of standard 16 interfaces :

Pin 1: VSS is ground power

Pin 2: VDD is connected to a 5V positive power supply

Pin 3: V0 is the LCD contrast adjustment pin, which can be adjusted by a 10K adjustable resistor.

Pin 4: RS is the register selection pin, data register is selected at high voltage and instruction register is selected at low voltage.

Pin 5: R/W is the signal line for reading and writing. Reading operation is carried out at a high level and writing operation is carried out at a low level.

Pin 6: E pin is the enable pin. When this pin changes from high level to low level, the LCD module executes the command.

Pin 7 ~ Pin 14: D0 ~ D7 is 8-bit two-way data line.

Pin 15: power positive pole of a backlight. 

Pin 16: power negative pole of a backlight.


Display capacity: 16 × 2 characters

Chip working voltage: 4.5 ~ 5.5V

Working current : 2.0mA (5.0V)

Module operating voltage: 5.0V

Size of character : 2.95 x 4.35 (W x H) mm

Size: 8cm*3.1cm

Weight: 30.8g

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LCD 1602 screen*1

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