Yahboom AI-Motion K210 Developer Kit to learn AI vision technology

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Jim choo
worth buying

Finally got the K210 development board, this RISC-V streamlined instruction set 64-bit microprocessor is very powerful, supports many peripherals, such as I2C, I2S, SPI, UART, etc., supports AI vision development, and the gameplay is very diverse; In this way, it can also run real-time operating systems such as Freertos and RT-Thread. I heard that Linux will be supported later. The reply from the merchant is very strong and the processing speed is very fast.


  • how to use MicroPython with K210 development Kit?

    Thanks for your questions.

    Where did you buy this product? Could you tell me your order number? We will check your order and provide some tutorial and file to you.

    Or you can contect us by E-mail, support@yahboom.com

  • How can I use Micropython with the K210 developer kit? His examples are very interesting and this card has exceptional features. I want to know if you have examples for its implementation in robots similar to the developments you have with those based on Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano cards (color tracking, line tracking, object tracking, etc.) so that the information can be processed and Through its serial port, use it in robots that run Arduino or Micropython. My order number is #3338. Thanks.

    Hello friend,
    Any other question when using, contact our technical support by E-mail support@yahboom.com

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