Yahboom Raspblock AI smart car for Raspberry Pi 4B

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Version: without Raspberry Pi board
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I like it all except its color.

Just like its name, this smart car looks like a cube, and the Mecanum wheel allows it to move freely and quickly.
It took me an hour to assemble it, and it took me two hours to experience all the functions on the APP, which can basically be implemented normally.
In addition to the autopilot, I didn't buy Yahboom's map due to the cost, but made a map on the ground with black tape, obviously the effect is not as good as the video shows.
I'm going to consult tech support over the weekend, hoping they can help me with this problem, after all they promised me professional tech support and after-sales service before I bought it.

Kevin alex

Birthday present for my son with engineering major for his robotics competition
Wish him all the best.

Merry Sam VE

There are 7 programmable smart cars with different shapes and functions in my room.

This is the first car with Mecanum wheels. Its only downside is that the body is made of acrylic instead of aluminum alloy, and it doesn't look very strong. In addition to this, I am very satisfied with other aspects of this car, especially the autopilot function.

Due to the track is too expensive, in order to save a fee, I bought enough black tape and made a track by myself. The car can complete autonomous driving well.

Sandro Botticelli

--Fast logistics.
--The kit is very complete with no missing parts.
--The AI recognition function on the APP can be implemented normally.
--The Mecanum wheel cannot bear more weight, and I cannot carry more other objects.

Armin Armin
One of the best engineered robotics kits

1. Very well packaged and engineered.
2. Quality of all components from electronics to mechanics is very very good.
3. Every step is clearly documented in the manual and the software is complete.
4. Assembly process is well-thought out with the electronics and software being tested before final assembly.
5. Excellent value for the price.
6. Everything works out of the box.


  • Does this robot has a follow mode (autonomously follows any human targeted) ?

    Thanks for your question.
    Due to the limited computing power of the Raspberry Pi, the current object-following function of this car can only be the movement of the camera and the pan, and the car will not move.
    If you want to realize that the car follows the human body, you can check this Jetbot car, link: https://category.yahboom.net/products/jetbot

  • Do you have open-source code for this mode? We can modify and improve on our own? Thank you!

    Thanks for your question.
    We will provide all control codes and communication protocols of the Raspblock car. These materials are open source, you can modify them by yourself.
    We just don't provide the source code of the APP.

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