Yahboom 4WD smart robot with WIFI camera for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+

Yahboom 4WD smart robot with WIFI camera for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+

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Yahboom Raspberry Pi 4WD Smart Robot is specially designed for educators, students, and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. Most of the components are connected with screw, copper pillar and anti-reverse socket,which is the same as our other smart robots. The difference for our 4WD robot is that we use the latest Raspberry Pi 4B/3B + board as the core controller and HD Camera with two degrees of freedom. Through the 5G WIFI network of Raspberry Pi, the real-time transmission of HD video can be realized. Coupled with the high-quality Bluetooth 4.0 module, the car has Bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI dual communication features. Users can not only learn about the robot car with our robot kit but study the Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+ development board included in this product separately. We can match it with a mouse and a keyboard to form a microcomputer, plus various sensor modules and communication modules so that you can create more possibilities.


  • This robot kit is easy to assemble and features aluminum alloy chassis, powerful four-drive motors, metal motor mount, and High-quality battery.
  • BST-4WD multi-functional expansion board is equipped with interfaces of various sensors and communication modules, and it is compatible with four core controllers: Arduino UNO, 51 controllers, STM32 and Raspberry Pi.
  • It supports multiple functions: Intelligent light-seeking, Tracking, Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, Fan outfire, etc.
  • Some holes are reserved in the external structure for users to expand by themselves.
  • Users can use C language programming and Python programming.
  • This robot and Camera platform can be controlled by APP remote control by Android/iOS mobile. And the Raspberry Pi comes with a wireless network for real-time transmission of  HD video.


Package list

1 x 4 channel tracking module

1 x 4WD expansion board

1 x ultrasonic module


2 x Infrared sensor & seeking light

1 x battery box

3 x 18650 battery

1 x Acrylic chassis

1 x Aluminum alloy chassis

4 x wheel  

1 x DC motor

1 x motor bracket

1 x Bluetooth 4.0 module

1 x servo package

1 x motor fan package

1 x screw & nut & copper pillar

1 x 12.6v charger

1 x  6pin flat cable & 4 x 4pin flat cable

1 x 40 pin flat cable

1 x screwdriver

1 x manual book

1 x HD camera

1 x SG90 camera servo

1 x pan/tilt bracket

1 x cable USB cable


If you choose 4WD robot car with Raspberry Pi 4B, below are included.

1 x Raspberry Pi 4B board

1 x 16G TF card

1 x heatsink



Yahboom Raspberry Pi 4WD robot

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want to know what GPIO Pin # control what ????
Very good!
What is the password for connecting bluetooth.
I cannot connect the bluetooth.
Poor support...
We are sorry to reply late because of the weekend. Now we don't have App for iOS. But our R&D plan to make it in near future about 2-3 months. You could find all our tutorials for 4WD here: https://www.yahboom.net/study/4wd-Pi