Yahboom ROS Transbot Robot with Lidar Depth camera support Python programming MoveIt 3D mapping for Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi board: Without
Camera: HD Camera
Accessories: Without
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high quality advanced ROS AI robot (품질이 좋은 advanced ros AI robot!) (优质ROS AI机器人)

The case is no joke, It is wrapped really well.
and all parts were used as fairly solid and high quality products.
software on offer shows a lot of effort.
the products made by robot fanatics in Shenzhen, China, the holy land of information technology.

케이스가 장난이 아닙니다, 포장이 굉장히 잘 되어 있습니다.
모든 부품은 상당히 견고하고 품질이 좋은 제품으로 사용이 되어졌다.
제공되는 소프트웨어는 많은 노력을 보여준다.
정보기술의 성지인 중국심천에서 로봇 덕후들이 약빨고 만든 제품.



A big but not clumsy guy.
At first I bought him to participate in the robotics competition held by the school in January. Although I didn't win a prize in this competition, I fell in love with this robot.
I now explore it every weekend with my classmates.

James Martel
A well designed advanced Robot

This is an advanced AI robot that is usable to the noobie as well as educational and challenging for the novice and advanced learning. Although, presently it is very expensive for none but the serious learning. I am pleased with Yahboom's decision to pre-assemble the complete robot chassis saving at a minimum of an hour for the intermediate learner. It has many options that add to cost and value but each are a quality addition. with over 60 training courses available "spoken in chinese with english subtitles" as well as written online documents , all advance learning features can be tested and hopefully utilized. I have not begun these advance ROS courses but have viewed all 60 courses; but did not complehend. Hopefully the chinese videos coincide with english courseware. So far my expectations have been met and I feel challenged to learn more utilizing the videos and courseware. Tech support is available and have answered most of my questions within 24 hours or next business day, due to timezone issues.

Charlotte Edelson
Big big big guy

Inspiring! I received the package yesterday, the box was very large and sturdy. All parts are neatly arranged in black sponge. The chassis was already assembled, and it took me 30 minutes to fully assemble it.

The TF card is included in the kit, and the file seems to have been written in the card. When I put it on the Raspberry Pi and turn on the power switch, I can see the desktop of the Raspberry Pi on the 7-inch display.

The startup is slow, it takes about 2~3 minutes, I consulted the technical support, they told me that the system opens the APP control process by default, so it will take some time to start. So far, there are no issues with this car, I'll give it a 5-star review for the time being.

I'll revise my review if I find anything wrong, it's a bit expensive after all, and I don't want to spend money to get a robot that's not perfect!!!

Thanks for your support to Yahboom product.
No worries. If you have any problems when using, feel free to contact us, we will provide
professional technical support and after-sales service.

Beau J. Carnes
Lots of fun

Just finished assembling the tank. The process is mostly enjoyable. Make sure you use the pdf manual on their website.
Only thing i don't like during assembling is the cable managment. There are just tok many cables to fit in the body, which is channlenging. The software is staight forword, just need to pay attention to steps. The python clients come with a lot of fun features to play with and i'm sure you will learn a lot by reading the codes.


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