Yahboom Smartduino starter kit and smart robot 2in1 for Arduino Uno R3 compatible with Scratch3.0

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Good starter sit, not the best parts included

Kit is filled with a good variety of parts to do starter projects. Parts don't seem to be the best quality so if your project is longer term I'd recommend buying some additional, higher quality parts. Specifically, the breadboard is very tight. It's difficult to insert components without pending the pins unnecessarily. The jumpers aren't great either. In combination with the tight breadboard, the crimped pins of the jumpers regularly get pulled off the wires. The board itself seems well made. I haven't had any issues with it. The beginners guide could be more thorough but the online resources are plentiful. I personally have plenty of coding experience and some experience with microcontrollers from years ago so it was quick for me to pick up. Overall a good kit for beginners. Wish the parts were somewhat nicer.


The accessories in the delivery list are very complete, and the child likes it very much.
However, for 10-year-olds, the wiring on the breadboard is more complicated, and the children tend to lose patience.
Luckily, it took my 10-year-old 1 hour to finally get it wired and assembled. Yahboom provides code for many functions, and the car can be used normally now

Maritta Rita
Lots and lots of components

Great value for money. Some of the items are fiddly and tight in the breadboard however this probably indicates a good connection. I would say suitable for 12+

Made for arduino lovers

I loved this product ,I couldn’t make this without the ,so I recommend this product for arduino lovers


I bought this to work on with my six-year-old son, and he loves it. He's a bit young to work on this alone, but the two of us have worked through a good deal of the projects and everything has worked and been easy to follow. We have a project in mind, and I thought this would be a good get-your-feet-wet Arduino kit. I'm quite satisfied.

Some people mentioned that the manual may be written in Chinese and converted to English. There are some minor grammatical issues in the manual, but hell, it's the schematics and code that are important. I can follow along just fine.


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