Yahboom STM32 visual tracking independent steering robot car with OV7670 camera

Yahboom STM32 visual tracking independent steering robot car with OV7670 camera

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This car is equipped with high-performance hardware such as STM32 multi-function expansion board, OV7670 camera, OLED LCD screen. The camera can capture the picture captured by the camera in real time, and with the binary image algorithm make this car can complete visual tracking. The whole vehicle is made of aluminum alloy, and the front wheel is designed as a lever-type active independent steering system, so it is easy to realize large angle flexible rotation by controlling the servo. For this car, we use a large-capacity power lithium battery pack and custom L- type 370 metal motor for high-power output and a more compact structure. This car can be extended by yourself, such as add Bluetooth module or PS2 handle to realize Bluetooth APP remote control or PS2 controller remote control, it suitable for more challenging DIY projects.


  • The whole vehicle adopts aluminum alloy material and lever-type active independent steering system, make the movement is more flexible.
  • The multi-function expansion board with STM32F103 RCT6 chip, possess fast processing capability.
  • OV7670 camera, OLED LCD screen, can achieve visual tracking and real-time screen display.
  • Users can extend the Bluetooth remote control and PS2 handle remote control by themselves.
  • High-power motor and safe, durable power supply system.
  • The chassis has a variety of mounting holes to support DIY enthusiasts to expand on their own.


Package list

n x Aluminum alloy parts

4 x Tire

1 x Rudder steering wheel

4 x Coupling

1x Metal servo

2 x L-type 370 motor

2 x magic sticker

1 x Power lithium battery pack

1 x Charger

1 x OLED LCD screen

1 x Ultrasonic module

1 x colorful car light

2 x 4pin flat cable 

1 x Camera module

1 x FC-22 flat cable

1 x Camera housing

1 x Multi-function expansion board

1 x Motor drive module

1 x Phillips screwdriver

1 x Open end wrench

1 x Copper column package

1 x Screw package

2 x Bearing and driven shaft

1 x Bluetooth module

1 x Instruction manual

1 x PS2 handle

1 x Transmitter



Yahboom STM32 Visual Tracking Robot



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