Yahboom 10MM RGB LED module pack

Yahboom 10MM RGB LED module pack

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This kit includes 10mm RGB LED module, high-quality servo and fixed copper pillars. This RGB LED module consists of two high-brightness RGB LEDs, using on the night is obvious, range more than 2m. The lights are composed of red, green and blue primary colors, which can be combined to realize various color effects. We have reserved mounting holes to use it with servos, ultrasonic modules, grayscale modules and various development boards. It supports 4pin cable and DuPont line connection, and can be used for smart cars, robots and other equipment.


1.High brightness

2. Anti-reverse socket

3. Various colors

4. Expansibility

5. Provide reference materials, drive source codes and tools of graphical programming.


10mm RGB LED module

Size: 56*43m


Lamp beads diameter: 10mm

Color: red, green and blue three primary colors (can be combined into various colors)

Input: Digital / Analog Level

Voltage: 5V

Brightness: High brightness

Interface: 4pin (GND, R, G, B)


Voltage: 5 V


Weight: 9 g

Size: 32 mm * 22 mm * 12 mm

Package list

10mm RGB LED module *1

9G servo *1

Copper column and screw package *1

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